Queen Victoria Heritage Coinage

Queen Victoria, Britain’s second-longest reigning monarch, presided over huge industrial change and expansion of the empire, and the impact that her reign had on British society has been profound.

Here at Hattons of London, we have released an incredible new range celebrating Queen Victoria’s 125th Diamond Jubilee Anniversary. However, if you favour heritage items, continue reading as we explore all of the Queen Victoria heritage coinage that we currently have available.

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Six Coinage Portraits of Queen Victoria

One of Britain’s greatest monarchs, Queen Victoria, commanded the greatest empire the world has ever seen for over 63 years. The gold sovereign has a prestigious reputation around the globe, which was established in the reign of Queen Victoria, and over 25% of the population used coins with Queen Victoria’s portrait. However, despite this, there were minimal coinage portraits of Queen Victoria produced.

In our latest blog, we will be exploring six effigies that appeared on coinage during Queen Victoria’s reign…

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