The National Flowers of the United Kingdom

The National Flowers of the UK

To recognise the importance of the four countries of the United Kingdom to the King, each is represented on individual coins of our latest release; the 2023 King Charles III Accession Sovereign Series, by their distinctive national flowers: the English rose, the Scottish thistle, the Welsh daffodil and the Irish shamrock. You may recall that upon his accession King Charles III visited each of these home nations.

In this blog, we explore all there is to know about the national flowers of the United Kingdom.

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Q&A with a Heritage Coin Expert

Q&A with a heritage coin expert

During the festive period, many people decide to buy coins to kickstart their collection in the New Year, or to gift to their loved ones. In order to provide our new and existing clients with as much information as possible, we sat down and spoke to heritage British coin expert Peter Hutchison about all things coin related!
Find out what he had to say here…

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Prince William Newspaper Dissection

Prince William Birth Newspaper Article

“People say it’s not ambitious, but it is actually quite ambitious wanting to help people”.

Prince William has helped many people by being passionate and dedicated to his official duties as a serving member of the royal family and second in line to the throne.

Alongside our latest sovereign range, we will be sending our clients a copy of the Daily Express Newspaper, dated the 22nd June 1982; the day after Prince William was born. Here, we will be dissecting the content from the newspaper…

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