Coin Collecting: Popular Denominations

Coin Collecting Popular Denominations

Coin collecting is one of the world’s oldest and most favourite hobbies, allowing numismatists to get closer to history. Starting a coin collection is easily accessible and there are many different denominations to choose from.

Here we look at the range of denominations, from circulating coins to rare historic coins, which are popular in the world of numismatics.

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A guide to the 1953 Coronation British coins

A guide to the 1953 Coronation British coins

Although Elizabeth II became Queen on 6th February 1952, following the sad passing of her father, King George VI, she was not formally invested until her coronation on the 2nd June 1953.

As a result, the Royal Mint had almost 18 months to prepare coinage for the new monarch, a process which involves utilising years of royal tradition. Here, we will be exploring the complete collection of 1953 Queen Elizabeth II coronation coins…

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The Changing Faces of Coin Portraiture

coin portraiture


In an age filled with television, social media and all of the technology we could ask for, it’s hard to imagine a time where people couldn’t ‘virtually’ see each other, including their own Monarch or leader.

However, centuries ago most people would have only seen the face of their leader on a coin, with the obverse side depicting the image of a monarch or leader for thousands of years. We’ll be taking a look back at coin portraiture throughout the ages, and how dramatically this has changed.

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The Striking of Bi-Metallic Coins

Bi-Metallic Coins

Our latest release, the 2022 St George and the Dragon Bi-Metallic Gold Sovereign Range, are the world’s first gold sovereign coins to be struck using two types of solid 22 carat gold, also known as bi-metallic. We are already familiar with bi-metallic coins in circulation. However, this is the first time this technically demanding form of striking has been attempted with gold coins.

In our latest blog, we will be exploring the process of striking bi-metallic coins.

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