The Most Significant St George & the Dragon Gold Coins

St George and the Dragon

It’s now well over two-hundred years since the first modern sovereign appeared, with St George slaying the dragon as its motif. In 1821, Benedetto Pistrucci’s classical depiction first appeared and it is remarkable that this design still appears on gold sovereigns produced today.

The tale of St George vanquishing his foe has an enduring relationship with gold sovereign coins and one that is anchored in over two centuries of tradition. Here, we will be exploring ten of the most significant St George and the Dragon gold coins as mentioned by coin specialist Peter Hutchison.

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Queen Victoria Heritage Coinage

Queen Victoria Coinage

Queen Victoria, Britain’s second-longest reigning monarch, presided over huge industrial change and expansion of the empire, and the impact that her reign had on British society has been profound.

Here at Hattons of London, we have released an incredible new range celebrating Queen Victoria’s 125th Diamond Jubilee Anniversary. However, if you favour heritage items, continue reading as we explore all of the Queen Victoria heritage coinage that we currently have available.

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Heritage Coinage at Hattons of London

twelve greatest sovereigns

As we celebrate World Heritage Day, we take a look at some of the most historically significant and interesting sovereign coinage currently available at Hattons of London. These sovereigns offer a fascinating and deeper look into the last 200 years of British history and coinage, recording some of the most important moments in the history of the world’s greatest gold coins.

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Queen Elizabeth II 1971-2021 Decimalisation 50th Anniversary Set

It has been 50 years since the changeover in Britain to decimal currency. A huge undertaking, that prompted people to collect the pre-decimal coins that Britain was losing. But what about the very first decimal coins?

Our Product of the Month for September brings them all together with a very special addition. Here, we take a closer look at The Queen Elizabeth II 1971-2021 Decimalisation 50th Anniversary Set – Mint State.

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A Short History Of The Florin

As you may have seen from our latest range of sovereigns, this year marks the 50th anniversary of decimalisation in Britain, in 1971. This ended over a thousand years of iconic coinage and designs. However, talk of decimalisation had started long before this. In 1847, a motion was put to Parliament, and the outcome was the creation of the florin.

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George and the Dragon Sovereign Design: Through the Years…

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Over the years, St George has continued to inspire people in many ways, striking a chord particularly with his namesake, King George IV. When George IV wanted to introduce a new coin, he decided on St George as the reverse subject.

The new gold sovereign was then created in 1817, designed by Italian engraver Benedetto Pistrucci. He took a different approach with his design, steering away from those that traditionally featured on coins. Pistrucci created a sense of movement, giving the saint the confidence and control while slaying the wounded dragon.

This coin design has become a classic, and is known across the world as a masterpiece of coin artistry; synonymous with the gold sovereign. In 1821, the classic design was altered and the Italian engraver produced his definitive St George and the dragon design, alongside a new portrait of King George IV.

And although St George and the dragon has graced gold sovereigns for 200 years, not since Pistrucci has the same designer created the artwork for both the monarch’s portrait and St George – until now! A new gold sovereign range has been minted, celebrating the 200th anniversary of the definitive design.

The 2021 George and the Dragon 200th Anniversary Gold Sovereign range features an exciting interpretation by talented artist Jody Clark, creator of the current coinage portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. This also means that for the first time in 200 years, both the monarch’s portrait and the design of St George are the work of the same designer!

You can view the entire George and the Dragon range here.