Five Facts about St James’s Palace

St James's Palace

St James’s Palace, the most senior royal palace, is located in the City of Westminster in London. Although it is no longer used as the principal residence of the monarch, it still holds many important ceremonial meetings and is home to members of the Royal Family.

Some of the most important events in royal history took place at this palace, and here are five facts about this royal residence which you may not know!

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Q&A with Coin Designer Matt Dent

Matt Dent

Our latest release, The 2022 Tutankhamun Discovery 100th Anniversary Gold Sovereign Range, are the first ever gold sovereigns to feature a selectively enamelled design; deep black enamel to simulate the priceless treasures of Tutankhamun’s tomb emerging from the dark. The genius behind this approach is renowned artist Matt Dent, designer of the current British circulating coins, 1p to 50p.

We spoke to Matt about his journey through the creation of these designs, and here is what he had to say about what it was like to design this important gold sovereign ‘first’ series….

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The History of Coins at Christmas

Coins at Christmas

Did you know that traditionally, finding a sixpence in your slice of Christmas pudding is a symbol of wealth and prosperity for the coming year? Here at Hattons of London, we believe that coins can play a bigger role in the festivities, and we want to make sure the historical connection isn’t lost.

Here’s some little-known trivia about numismatics during Noel..

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