Six Facts About Prince William…

Prince William Wedding

HRH Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, turned 40 on 21st June 2022. Being second in line to the British throne has meant that William has lived his entire life in front of the public. However, there are still many things that you may not know about our future king.

Here, we will be looking at six facts about Prince William…

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The Life of HRH Prince William, Duke of Cambridge

Prince William turns forty today, 21st June 2022; a significant milestone in anyone’s life, but perhaps even more so for a future king! To celebrate this landmark moment, a new series of sovereign coins has been produced.

Over forty years, Prince William has shown eternal compassion and dedication to his official duties, becoming increasingly known as the ‘People’s Prince’. Here, we will be looking back at the life of the prince who is currently second in line to the British throne.

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The 2022 Prince William 40th Birthday Gold Sovereign Range

Prince William

This year is an important year for the Royal Family. In the same month as The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, her grandson Prince William, our future king, also celebrates his 40th birthday, meaning multiple commemorations for the Royal House of Windsor.

Prince William turns forty on the 21st June, and his compassion and dedication are evident to all. Passionate about his roles in promoting mental health awareness, conservation and support for the armed forces, he carries out his official duties in support of the Queen with great charm and growing assurance. To celebrate this landmark milestone, a new series of sovereign coins have been produced to commemorate Prince William’s 40th birthday. Introducing The 2022 Prince William 40th Birthday Gold Sovereign Range, and in particular, the one-eighth sovereign…

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Queen Victoria Heritage Coinage

Queen Victoria Coinage

Queen Victoria, Britain’s second-longest reigning monarch, presided over huge industrial change and expansion of the empire, and the impact that her reign had on British society has been profound.

Here at Hattons of London, we have released an incredible new range celebrating Queen Victoria’s 125th Diamond Jubilee Anniversary. However, if you favour heritage items, continue reading as we explore all of the Queen Victoria heritage coinage that we currently have available.

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The Royal Jubilees of Queen Elizabeth II

The Royal Jubilees of Queen Elizabeth II

Having reached an incredible seventy years of reign in 2022, Queen Elizabeth II is Britain’s longest reigning monarch, and has celebrated many royal jubilee milestones as a result.

Throughout this blog, we will be exploring the four royal jubilees that Her Majesty has achieved and the key events that took place during each one.

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Money in Wedding Traditions


May is the beginning of what is known as ‘peak wedding season’, which runs until October. Springtime is historically the most popular season for weddings, with wedding venues and vendors being most in-demand.

The presence of money during weddings is a much recognised tradition that takes place in many different cultures and countries. Here, we will be exploring the different monetary rituals that occur at wedding ceremonies across the globe.

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