The Prince and Princess of Wales Gold Sovereign Range

Along with the accession of Charles as our new king last year, his son, William, became the new Prince of Wales. With characteristic sensitivity, he accepted the role without a formal investiture ceremony, mindful of the fact that for many in Wales the title remains contentious. He has spoken of it as a great honour, pledging to serve Wales with humility and great respect for its people.

In our modern era, the title ‘Prince of Wales’ is no longer a title of authority but one of ceremony, and although there was no formal investiture event, the fact that William is now the 23rd Prince of Wales deserves to be recognised. His wife Catherine, or ‘Kate’ as she is often known, is now the Princess of Wales, the first to use that title since William’s mother, Diana, Princess of Wales.

To celebrate the new Prince & Princess of Wales, for the first time in over 200 years of gold sovereign history, coins have been minted from 22 carat gold that includes a trace amount of rare Welsh gold in the mixture. Gold sourced from the mines in Wales is highly prized, and very rare, and it has a long and proud association with the Royal Family.

Introducing the 2023 Prince and Princess of Wales Gold Sovereign Range…

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The King Charles III 75th Birthday Sovereign Series

Dissecting the King Charles III 75th Birthday Sovereign Series

Our latest gold sovereign range; The 2023 King Charles III 75th Birthday Gold Sovereign Range, features a design in the style of the gold ‘Carolus’ coins of the King’s 17th-century predecessor and namesake, King Charles I, making an intriguing historic connection between British monarchs some four centuries apart.

Each coin in this series features the same design: namely, a portrait of King Charles III, wearing the St Edward’s crown and resplendent in his coronation robes, holding the orb in one hand and the sceptre in another. In this blog, we will be dissecting the key features of the coin design from this remarkable range…

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King Charles III and his 75th Birthday

Earlier this week, on 14th November 2023, King Charles III celebrated his 75th birthday. This was the first time in over 200 years that a reigning British king has celebrated this milestone birthday. In fact, only two other British kings have ever reached their 75th birthday; George II and George III, although no celebrations of any kind were held in their honour.

Were you wondering what kind of celebrations took place to mark this milestone birthday? If so, continue reading as we cover everything there is to know about His Majesty’s 75th birthday…

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Everything you need to know about the Battle of the Nile

Lord Nelson Battle of the Nile

The Battle of the Nile, also known as the Battle of Aboukir Bay, took place on 1st August 1798. It was a naval battle between the British Royal Navy and the Navy of the French Republic.

Dubbed “the most overwhelming naval victory in the age of sail” by historians at the Royal Navy, here is everything you need to know about another one of Britain’s most notable victories…

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