Hattons of London specialises in rare and exclusive coins.  Often this results in coins being sold out very quickly, which can be great news for our clients who manage to acquire them, but very frustrating for those who miss out. To help with this situation, we run regular Buy Back Offers where we attempt to persuade existing clients to sell their coin back to us, at a very attractive premium, in order to satisfy demand elsewhere.

Please note, Buy Back Offers are by invitation only. Should we require a particular coin, we contact our clients directly and make an offer in excess of the original purchase price. We are unable to accept requests for us to buy back coins. It should also be noted that no guarantee of a future buy back offer is ever made and we are unable to forecast which coins might be subject to future buy back offers

Are you looking to complete, or add to your existing collection?

Whether you’re looking to complete a range you may have coins missing from, or would simply like to expand your collection, we may be able to help. With limited ranges, many denominations are no longer available to purchase beyond their sell out guarantee period. However, Hattons of London do, on occasion, receive coins back in very limited quantities via our Buy Back Offer. This then allows us to assist those clients who may be looking for something that would otherwise be impossible to obtain.

We welcome you to let us know any ranges or coins that you are looking to acquire in particular, by completing our form below. If any of these become available, we can then get your Personal Account Manager to give you a call to discuss this.

Past Buy Back Offers

We have purchased numerous coins through our Buy Back Offers, totalling over £4 million! Whilst we can’t forecast what we will need to buy back in future, the past offers something of a guide. The following ranges have all been subject to Buy Back Offers – click on the range to see the specific coins within it that we’ve purchased from our clients at a significant premium.

The 2022 Prince William 40th Birthday Gold Sovereign Buy Back Offers
The 2021 Queen's 95th Birthday Gold Sovereign Range Buy Back Offers Banner
Diana 60th Birthday Gold Sovereign Range Buy Back Offers
The 2019 Concorde 50th Anniversary Gold Sovereign Range Buy Back
The 2022 George and the Dragon Bi-Metallic Gold Sovereign Buy Back Offers

Buy Back Offer Terms and Conditions:

The Buy Back Offers listed are subject to the terms and conditions below.

  • Coins must have been purchased directly from Hattons of London
  • Coins must be in perfect condition as they were supplied and in the original packaging
  • Coins must not have been removed from their protective capsule
  • You must be an existing client of Hattons of London to qualify
  • Buy Back Offers may be withdrawn at any time and without notice subject to demand
  • Hattons of London reserves the right not to exercise a buy back option if the coin is no longer required
  • Upon speaking to your account manager if the buy back is agreed this will be in principle, subject to the product meeting the relevant quality checking process upon return