Queen Victoria’s Birthday: Love, Legacy, and the Veiled Portrait Coin Set

As we celebrate Queen Victoria’s Birthday, we reflect on the profound impact of her life and reign. Known for her enduring love story with Prince Albert, her significant contributions to the British Empire, and the iconic Veiled Portrait coinage, Queen Victoria’s legacy continues to fascinate and inspire. Join us as we explore the remarkable history and lasting influence of this beloved monarch.

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Commemorating the D-Day 80th Anniversary: The UK’s Tribute to a Historic Triumph

As we commemorate the 80th Anniversary of D-Day, we reflect on one of the most significant events in modern history that changed the course of World War II. This blog will delve into the UK’s celebrations and ceremonies, providing a detailed look at national events and local commemorations.

We will revisit the heroic events of D-Day, honour the veterans who participated, and explore the importance of educating future generations. Join us as we remember the bravery and sacrifices of those who fought and discuss the enduring legacy of this pivotal moment in history.

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NGC Coin Grading: A Comprehensive Guide by Hattons of London

At Hattons of London, we specialise in rare and exclusive coins, including gold sovereigns and NGC graded coins. Understanding the importance of NGC coin grading can significantly enhance your collection. This comprehensive guide delves into the history, grading process, benefits, and impact of NGC grading on the coin market, offering insights that every collector and enthusiast should know.

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