VE Day 75th Anniversary and Five Facts You May Not Know

The 2020 VE Day 75th Anniversary Gold Quarter Sovereign

This year marks the 75th Anniversary of VE Day; the day peace was brought upon Britain after six long years of war and conflict during the Second World War.

VE (Victory in Europe) Day, 8th May 1945, the day Winston Churchill declared the war was over within Europe, that had cost millions their homes and even their lives. Germany had surrendered and thousands all across the country marked the great victory with street parties, singing and rejoicing.

Here are five things that you may not know about VE Day, Winston Churchill and the decline of the German forces…

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Cash in the attic? How you could be living amid a potential goldmine of valuable coins

Coins In The Attic

Coin enthusiasts around the world are on the lookout for rare and exclusive coins – and for good reason. A rare find can either be added to a collection or possibly even sold for remarkable sums of money

Throughout the year, the media shares breathless reports of people discovering valuable hordes of coins within the home. While incredibly rare, these discoveries may inspire you to consider what treasures may lie in your house. Read more to see some of the most impressive finds from the past few months and some hints and tips if you plan on looking yourself.

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History of King George III

king crown

Born George William Frederick in London in 1738, King George III was the King of Great Britain and Ireland from 1760 and King of Hanover from 1814 until his death in 1820. He lived and ruled longer than any other English or British king and this year marks the 200th anniversary since the end of his record-breaking reign.

While George III’s reputation as “the mad king who lost America” prevails, he was a committed and conscientious leader who provided background stability in a thriving Britain undergoing industrialisation. He also oversaw the reform of gold coinage, which was no mean feat, and few people have acknowledged his valuable contribution to numismatics as we know it.

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The History of Coins at Christmas

Coins at Christmas

Did you know that traditionally, finding a sixpence in your slice of Christmas pudding is a symbol of wealth and prosperity for the coming year? Here at Hattons of London, we believe that coins can play a bigger role in the festivities, and we want to make sure the historical connection isn’t lost.

Here’s some little-known trivia about numismatics during Noel.

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