Our Guide to Busting Coin Myths

Our Guide to Busting Coin Myths Blog

Coins are something we carry around every single day without so much as a second thought. From the pound you use to unlock your supermarket trolley, to the spare change you keep in the car for the occasional car park ticket machine; despite the majority of transactions happening digitally, most of us still keep some spare change on hand, just in case.  Although they are still used so regularly, there are still a few common misconceptions around coins and their history. So, we turned to heritage British coin expert Peter Hutchison to answer some of the biggest questions and bust some of the biggest coin myths… Read more

Ten Facts about Prince George

Prince George and the Royal Family

Prince George of Wales, second in line to the throne and grandson of King Charles III, is the future of our monarchy, and this year we celebrate his milestone 10th birthday. Throughout his life, George has been kept out of the public eye as much as possible so that he can enjoy his childhood. However, we are now starting to see more of him, and get to know his cheeky personality, at major royal events.

Here, to mark his 10th birthday, we have ten facts about our future king…

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7 Facts about Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation

Seven Facts about Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation

This year marks the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation, which took place at Westminster Abbey on the 2nd June 1953. When the young queen solemnly received the orb and sceptre and was crowned in Westminster Abbey seventy years ago, no one could have known she would go on to become Britain’s best loved and longest reigning monarch.

In this blog, we identify seven key facts of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II…

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Eight Facts about Queen Camilla

King Charles III and Queen Camilla Double Portrait

Camilla became Queen Consort of the United Kingdom and the 14 other Commonwealth realms on the 8th September 2022 as the wife of King Charles III.

She is a familiar royal figure, having been married to the King for a total of 18 years. Despite this, here are eight facts about the Queen which you may not know…

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