The Changing Faces of Coin Portraiture

coin portraiture


In an age filled with television, social media and all of the technology we could ask for, it’s hard to imagine a time where people couldn’t ‘virtually’ see each other, including their own Monarch or leader.

However, centuries ago most people would have only seen the face of their leader on a coin, with the obverse side depicting the image of a monarch or leader for thousands of years. We’ll be taking a look back at coin portraiture throughout the ages, and how dramatically this has changed.

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The 2023 King Charles III Greatest Monarchs Gold Sovereign Range

King Charles III

Britain has a new monarch. This is something that no-one for generations has written. Not for 70 years has this been uttered and it feels remarkable to be able to declare to you that there are now coins bearing the portrait of ‘our King’. While the world debates what sort of monarch King Charles III will be, the simple truth is that he will in many ways be different to his mother. It’s a different world after all: his accession was announced in an instant on social media, and his accession ceremony was broadcast live to hundreds of millions of households around the globe.

The most important thing for all of us, is that with the accession of King Charles III, a thousand years of Britain’s monarchy endures. This is a significant moment in the history of our nation, therefore, a new series of sovereign coins have been released, which pays tribute to some of Britain’s greatest ever monarchs. Introducing the 2023 King Charles III Greatest Monarchs Gold Sovereign Range, and in particular, the one-eighth sovereign…

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The History of Coins at Christmas

Coins at Christmas

Did you know that traditionally, finding a sixpence in your slice of Christmas pudding is a symbol of wealth and prosperity for the coming year? Here at Hattons of London, we believe that coins can play a bigger role in the festivities, and we want to make sure the historical connection isn’t lost.

Here’s some little-known trivia about numismatics during Noel..

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