Commemorative Coins


Commemorative coins are one of the most sought after and collected, due to their significance in history and the personal memories they can hold. Whether it is to commemorate a first, or to celebrate the anniversary of an event in history; either way adding a commemorative coin to your collection is one that you couldn’t go wrong with.

We’re going to take a look at some of the commemorative ranges and sovereigns we have available, looking back at the history behind the event and the significance it holds.

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The Changing Faces of Coin Portraiture

coin portraiture

In an age filled with television, social media and all of the technology we could ask for, it’s hard to imagine a time where people couldn’t ‘virtually’ see each other, including their own Monarch or leader.

However, centuries ago most people would have only seen the face of their leader on a coin, with the obverse side depicting the image of a monarch or leader for thousands of years. We’ll be taking a look back at coin portraiture throughout the ages, and how dramatically this has changed.

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The Twelve Greatest Sovereigns

twelve greatest sovereigns

We’re taking a look back at some of the greatest sovereigns of the past 200 years. The coins are, we believe, among the 12 greatest for their historical significance and interest. We’ll look at the history, the obverse and reverse design and of course the reasons why we believe they deserve to be among the Twelve Greatest Sovereigns.

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St George’s Day: 8 Things You May Not Know About England’s Patron Saint

st george's day england flag

St George’s Day is marked on 23rd April every year in various countries around the world, and it will be upon us again in less than a week’s time. It’s common knowledge that a legend states St George killed a dragon as his almighty conquest, but what other facts do we know about him? We’re taking a look back through history…

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Cash in the attic? How you could be living amid a potential goldmine of valuable coins

Coins In The Attic

Coin enthusiasts around the world are on the lookout for rare and exclusive coins – and for good reason. A rare find can either be added to a collection or possibly even sold for remarkable sums of money

Throughout the year, the media shares breathless reports of people discovering valuable hordes of coins within the home. While incredibly rare, these discoveries may inspire you to consider what treasures may lie in your house. Read more to see some of the most impressive finds from the past few months and some hints and tips if you plan on looking yourself.

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