The Timeless Tradition of King Charles Maundy Money 2024

Maundy money, a centuries-old tradition, involves the monarch giving specially minted coins to elderly people in a ceremony inspired by Jesus Christ’s commandment of love and service. This blog delves into the rich history of Maundy money, tracing its origins back to the reign of Charles II, and explores its enduring significance in today’s Royal Maundy ceremony. Discover how King Charles III continued this noble tradition in 2024, the special tribute gold Maundy set designed for his coronation year, and the heartfelt message from the King himself.

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NGC Coin Grading: A Comprehensive Guide by Hattons of London

At Hattons of London, we specialise in rare and exclusive coins, including gold sovereigns and NGC graded coins. Understanding the importance of NGC coin grading can significantly enhance your collection. This comprehensive guide delves into the history, grading process, benefits, and impact of NGC grading on the coin market, offering insights that every collector and enthusiast should know.

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Gold Sovereigns as Heirlooms: Passing Down a Precious Legacy

Child holding a gold sovereign

Do you want to pass down more than just material wealth? Dive into the enchanting world of gold sovereigns, where history, value, and sentiment intertwine to create a precious legacy beyond compare. Discover the magic of preserving not just wealth, but memories, through the timeless allure of gold sovereigns.

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The History of the Double Sovereign

The History of the Double Sovereign

The double sovereign is a premium denomination which originally made its debut in 1820. Many people have never even heard of a double sovereign, let alone been able to own such a fantastic coin.

Therefore, we will be delving a little deeper into the history of the this sovereign denomination, looking at the history and how it has become what we know today.

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The Rarity of Double Portraits on Coinage

The double portrait is a truly remarkable sight on coinage. It is a design that is rarely ever seen, making it all the more special when it does make an appearance.

This design is used to celebrate momentous royal occasions such as weddings and anniversaries, and is typically reserved for commemorative coins.

Double Portraits on Coinage

The use of a double portrait on coins acts as a symbol of love, unity, and the strength of a royal couple. One of the most iconic examples of this design is the double portrait of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip on their Golden and Diamond Wedding Anniversary coins in 1997 and 2007. These coins are a testament to the remarkable milestones they reached together.

The year 2017 marked the platinum wedding anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.  This is the first time in British history a monarch has celebrated this milestone. Therefore, a sovereign series was released exclusively to Hattons of London; The 2017 Double Portrait Wedding Anniversary Gold Sovereign Range. This is the first time double portraits have appeared on the gold sovereign, and the first time in the 200 years that a royal consort has had their portrait on a gold sovereign. Shop the range below.

Another notable example of a double portrait on coinage is that of Prince William and Catherine Middleton for their wedding in 2011. These commemorative coins captured the excitement and joy surrounding their union, showcasing their love and commitment to one another. The double portrait design serves as a reminder of the significance of their marriage, not just for them personally, but for the entire nation.

Last year, the double portrait featured on a spectacular series of gold sovereigns, capturing the essence of King Charles III and Queen Camilla during their coronation. This unique design is a true testament to their unity and the shared responsibilities they hold as the monarchs of Great Britain. It symbolised their commitment to each other and their dedication to their duties.

The 2023 King Charles III Coronation Double Portrait Gold Sovereign Range was released to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III, where his wife and new Queen, Camilla, was by his side. Never before has a reigning king appeared with his queen.

History of the Double Portrait

To truly appreciate the rarity of the double portrait on coinage, we must delve even further back in time. It is during the reign of William and Mary in the late 1600s that we find some of the earliest examples of these double portrait coins. These coins were intended to commemorate their joint rule and showcase their unity as monarchs. The double portrait design was a way to honour their partnership and emphasise their shared power.

From Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip to Prince William and Catherine Middleton, double portrait coins capture the essence of their relationships and commemorate significant moments in their lives.