The 2023 King Charles III Greatest Monarchs Gold Sovereign Range

King Charles III

Britain has a new monarch. This is something that no-one for generations has written. Not for 70 years has this been uttered and it feels remarkable to be able to declare to you that there are now coins bearing the portrait of ‘our King’. While the world debates what sort of monarch King Charles III will be, the simple truth is that he will in many ways be different to his mother. It’s a different world after all: his accession was announced in an instant on social media, and his accession ceremony was broadcast live to hundreds of millions of households around the globe.

The most important thing for all of us, is that with the accession of King Charles III, a thousand years of Britain’s monarchy endures. This is a significant moment in the history of our nation, therefore, a new series of sovereign coins have been released, which pays tribute to some of Britain’s greatest ever monarchs. Introducing the 2023 King Charles III Greatest Monarchs Gold Sovereign Range, and in particular, the one-eighth sovereign…

Each coin features His Majesty King Charles III on the obverse, a portrait which has been created by Jody Clark, the designer of the Fifth (and final) portrait of Queen Elizabeth II which appeared on all her British coinage from mid-2015 to last year.

Not only that, but the designs on the reverse side, created by Matt Dent, each feature a great British monarch from the past and records one of their greatest regnal milestones. Dent’s attention to detail is evident in the fact that the monarchs face the same way as they did on their own coinage, alternating from the direction of the previous monarch, in the same way King Charles III now faces the opposite direction to Queen Elizabeth II.

Some of the great regnal milestones these sovereigns pay tribute to include King George V being the founder of the House of Windsor and the first monarch to broadcast the Christmas speech, King George III being our longest reigning king, and Queen Victoria being our second longest reigning queen (behind only Queen Elizabeth II) and the first British monarch to celebrate a Diamond Jubilee. Some of these monarchs have also never appeared on these denominations, meaning they will have incredible collector appeal. For example, the one-eighth sovereign is the first coin of its kind of King Charles III, and the quarter sovereign is the first of its kind to feature King George V.

When you combine the popularity of ‘dual portrait’ designs, which in this instance bring together Britain’s newest monarch King Charles III with some of our greatest, with the fact many are firsts, you can see why they will be subject to considerable demand, not just from collectors.

The one-eighth sovereign in this series features the portrait of King Charles III, with Queen Elizabeth II on the reverse, who, in 2022, became the first monarch in our history to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee. This coin is a tribute to possibly our greatest ever monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. That she is our new king’s predecessor, and more importantly, his mother, makes this coin a poignant reminder of the fact that when a new monarch accedes it is most often because their parent has passed away.


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