A Big Christmas Thank You From Hattons of London

We’d like to look back at the Hattons of London 2022 ranges, as well as sharing a monumental thank you to all of our clients; new and old. Whether you have started your coin collection in 2022, or have been adding to it for a while, we thank you for being a valued Hattons of London client.

The 2022 Platinum Jubilee Monarch Platinum-Gold Sovereign Range

This was the first range of 2022, reaching a complete sell-out; the quickest sell-out that we have seen in Hattons of London history! Of course, in 2022, Queen Elizabeth II became the first British monarch ever to reach a Platinum Jubilee. To commemorate an event of this magnitude, the world’s first sovereign coins ever to be minted with ‘platinum-gold’ were released; used in recognition of the Platinum Jubilee.

The design of the one-eighth sovereign featured the royal cypher of Elizabeth II with a celebratory garland of roses, thistles, leeks, and shamrocks to represent the nations of the United Kingdom. This garlanded cypher is also placed on each of the other coins in the series, linking them all into one glorious tribute to our platinum jubilee monarch.

The 2022 King George VI Tribute Gold Sovereign Range

In the same year that we celebrated Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee, we also paid tribute to Her Late Majesty’s father, and our nation’s wartime monarch, King George VI. To mark the 70th anniversary of his death, the first sovereigns ever to feature George VI and his daughter Elizabeth II on the same coin were released as a way for us all to acknowledge his considerable legacy.

The quarter sovereign featured a portrait of King George VI that had been expertly created by Jody Clark, designer of the fifth (and final) coinage portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. The quarter sovereign was first minted in the year 2009 and so was never struck during King George VI’s reign, meaning the 2022 King George VI Tribute Gold Quarter Sovereign was the first coin of its kind ever to feature a portrait of this king!

The 2022 Her Majesty’s Graces Platinum Jubilee Gold Sovereign Range

In 2022, having celebrated Queen Elizabeth II’s reign with a release of sovereign coins that sold out faster than any before it, a new series was released in celebration of her greatest personal qualities, those that made her such an outstanding monarch. This is the world’s first sovereign range ever to feature a special edge reeding pattern, precisely 70 edge reeds, in honour of the 70 years of Her Late Majesty’s reign.

The design chosen for the one-eighth sovereign featured a young Queen Elizabeth II depicted in classical style holding a sword, a modern interpretation of William Wyon’s ’Three Graces’ by Jody Clark. This design celebrated one of Her Late Majesty’s Graces, her most enduring personal qualities; her devotion to duty.

The 2022 Queen Victoria 125th Diamond Jubilee Anniversary Gold Sovereign Range

The year 2022 was an historic year in British royal history. Not only did we celebrate our own Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in honour of her 70 years, but we also marked the 125th Anniversary of the Diamond Jubilee of her great great grandmother, Queen Victoria! To celebrate the overlap of these major commemorations, a sovereign series was released; the world’s first sovereign coins to be diamond-shaped.

The one-eighth sovereign is the most remarkable coin in this range, featuring a new rendering of Queen Victoria’s ‘Young Head’; the longest used royal portrait in British coinage history. This is a sovereign value that was never struck during Victoria’s reign, and it is therefore the first coin of its kind ever to feature Queen Victoria!

The 2022 Platinum Jubilee Tower in Bloom

In 2022, during Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, some extraordinary gold sovereign coins were minted. They were ONLY minted on Platinum Jubilee Sunday (the main day of celebrations during the Platinum Jubilee weekend), and included a certificate that confirms as such. A brand new Silver Proof Five Pound coin was also released with this range, featuring the same design and minted in .925 Silver.

The design shows the Tower of London, an historic monument that, for centuries, has been closely associated with the monarchy in Britain. Also in the design is an arrangement of summer flowers, in full colour! The flowers shown are species that will flower during the summer and are likely to have been used in arrangements and gardens throughout the country during this summer of celebration.

 The 2022 Prince William 40th Birthday Gold Sovereign Range

In June 2022, Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Platinum Jubilee, and her grandson Prince William, our future king, celebrated his 40th birthday, meaning multiple commemorations for the Royal House of Windsor. To celebrate this landmark moment, a new sovereign series was produced, and what makes them so special is that they are the first Portrait Sovereigns ever to feature Prince William.

The one-eighth sovereign features a portrait of Prince William in his RAF uniform, with his royal cypher alongside. Prince William has only previously appeared on coins issued for his engagement and wedding, and always alongside the Duchess of Cambridge. This one-eighth sovereign coin for his 40th birthday is the first time he appeared alone.

The 2022 St George and the Dragon Bi-Metallic Gold Sovereign Range

The year of Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee also saw a dynamic new rendition of St George slaying the dragon created, and to elevate this new edition beyond those that have gone before, it was struck – for the first time ever – in two types of solid 22 carat gold! Solid 22 carat rose gold surrounded solid 22 carat yellow gold to create the world’s first bi-metallic sovereign coins.

The design for the one-eighth sovereign features a brand new rendition of St George slaying the dragon by artist Jody Clark, only used in the year of The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. The first time St George appeared on British sovereign coins was in 1817, and now Jody Clark’s striking new design takes its place in the esteemed history of the gold sovereign.

The 2022 Queen Elizabeth II Tribute Gold Sovereign Range

On 8th September 2022, we were all saddened to hear that Queen Elizabeth II had passed away. Once we had moved past the original shock, it was time to be grateful for what was an incredible seventy years of service to the British people. Therefore, a new sovereign series was announced in tribute to the life of service and devotion of Queen Elizabeth II.

The one-eighth sovereign features a tribute portrait of Her Late Majesty in which she is shown wearing the necklace and tiara of her wedding day, and a brooch given to her by Prince Philip.  This portrait will only ever be used on this series of tribute sovereigns. On the reverse is the Imperial State Crown resting upon a rose, thistle, shamrock and leek. Both sides designed by Jody Clark.

The 2022 Tutankhamun Discovery 100th Anniversary Gold Sovereign Range

The final release of 2022 is a celebration of the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb and the astounding treasures. The discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb on 4th November 1922 was quite simply one of the richest and most important archaeological discoveries of all time. In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of this discovery, the world’s first sovereign coins to feature a selectively enamelled design have been announced, and the genius behind this design approach is renowned artist Matt Dent.

On the quarter sovereign, the most famous of all Tutankhamun’s treasures shines forth: the magnificent gold death mask of the young Pharaoh. It is surrounded by deep black enamel, to simulate it emerging from the dark. These commemorative sovereigns are also the last of their kind to feature Elizabeth II on the obverse side, the decision to sanction it for production having already been made before her death.

Thank you to all Hattons of London Clients  

As mentioned, we’d like to extend a huge thank you to all of our clients, and wish every single one of you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

If you’d like to hear more about our ranges of new strike and heritage coins, our team of sovereign specialists look forward to hearing from you in the new year when they return on 3rd January!