The 2022 Her Majesty’s Graces Platinum Jubilee Gold Sovereign Range

her majesty's graces

This year we celebrate an event of great magnitude and something that nobody has ever seen before: a Platinum Jubilee.

A series of gold sovereigns have already been released exclusively by Hattons of London to commemorate Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II becoming the first monarch to celebrate seventy years of reign. However, this series sold out quicker than any other before, therefore, a new range is being released to celebrate Her Majesty’s greatest personal qualities that have enabled her to become such an exceptional monarch. It is these personal qualities, which are classically referred to as ‘Her Majesty’s Graces’, that are the topic of a new world-first series of gold sovereigns. Introducing The 2022 Her Majesty’s Graces Platinum Jubilee Gold Sovereign Range, and in particular, the one-eighth sovereign….

What makes these coins so significant is that they are the world’s first sovereign coins ever to feature a special edge reeding pattern. Typically, gold sovereigns have reeding around their entire outer edge, which requires 180-200 reeds, however, with this range the coins will have precisely 70 edge reeds in honour of Her Majesty’s reign of seventy years; something that has never been done before. These coins are struck in platinum-gold to represent the Platinum Jubilee, created by enriching 22 carat gold with 2 carats worth of platinum. This means that every coin is made of 91.67% gold and 8.33% platinum, which is the richest, most valuable gold alloy that sovereigns have ever been minted from.

The ‘Graces’ is an historic design created by the celebrated British designer William Wyon for King George III’s long reign. The acclaimed coin designer Jody Clark, who is known as the 21st century equal of Wyon, is the creator of these new designs, as well as the current coinage portrait for Her Majesty. Jody Clark has created these designs in a neo-classical style celebrating the personal attributes embodied by Her Majesty that have made her reign so remarkable: Devotion, Strength, Wisdom and Leadership. These are the Four Graces of a ‘new Elizabethan era’.

The new 2022 Her Majesty’s Graces Sovereign Series will stand apart in the same way Her Majesty’s reign now stands apart from all of the British monarchs who have preceded her. The significance of the design tradition they link to, as well as the importance of the designer, makes these coins alluring to coin collectors. Also, the fact that these sovereigns are world first shows that they will be subject to considerable demand by the public.

The One-Eighth sovereign features the young Queen Elizabeth II depicted in classical style holding a sword, a tribute to her devotion to duty. You can purchase yours HERE