Prince William Newspaper Dissection

“People say it’s not ambitious, but it is actually quite ambitious wanting to help people”.

Prince William has helped many people by being passionate and dedicated to his official duties as a serving member of the royal family and second in line to the throne.

Alongside our latest sovereign range, we will be sending our clients a copy of the Daily Express Newspaper, dated the 22nd June 1982; the day after Prince William was born. Here, we will be dissecting the content from the newspaper…

First and Second Page

‘I’m so proud of my Diana, says the Earl’ is at the start of the front page; a section on how Earl Spencer was feeling at the news of his new grandchild. ‘My blue eyed boy!’; segment is spread across the two pages and discusses the night of the birth; from what was happening outside the hospital, to how the birth was celebrated at Buckingham Palace. It also includes quotes from Prince Charles who came out of the hospital to speak to the crowds and announce the birth of his new baby boy. At the bottom of the second page there is also a section on who the new prince looks like, with images of both Prince Charles and Diana as infants.

Third Page

The third page, entitled ‘The Crowning Glory’, is centred on national pride. Just one week after Britain had won the Falklands War battle, Prince William was born. This section discusses the highs and lows of the Falklands War, and how euphoric the nation felt at the birth of a new prince. At the bottom of the page there is a section discussing the years 1948 and 1961; Charles and Diana’s birth years, which talks about the differences between the two. When Charles was born, the country was in the grip of austerity that was fiercer than war time. However, when Diana was born, Britain was in a much more stable and confident position.

Fourth Page

The fourth page is all about Diana; the royal bride who couldn’t wait to have a baby. It talks about her personality and how she had always adored babies, even from a young age. It also details her honeymoon period and how quickly she became pregnant after the wedding, and the steps that followed once she had her pregnancy confirmed by a gynaecologist. This piece finishes off by wishing the princess joy with her new born, now that she was established firmly in the Royal Family.

Fifth and Sixth Page

‘And the baby makes three…’ is the title of the fifth and sixth page, with a sketch of Prince Charles, Princess Diana and Prince William in the centre. On each page, there is a piece written by two different authors, offering advice to the new parents. On the fifth page, Jean Rook offers motherly advice to Diana at her most challenging moment, the main advice being printed in large letters at the bottom of the page; ‘Protect your own motherhood and make sure that the Royals don’t get the lion’s share’. On the sixth page, Geoffrey Levy offers Charles some lessons in the art of gentle fatherhood; ‘Why not try changing a nappy, you can get hooked on it’.

Back Page

The final page discusses the behaviour of Prince Charles and Diana before the birth of their child, stating that Charles became the archetypal, anxious father-to-be, always offering advice to Diana, which she did not always appreciate as she already had experience working as a nursery school teacher. It also states that Diana would not be a typical Royal parent and would always ensure that she was with her child, even if that meant taking them on Royal tours with her. The newspaper finishes with a piece titled: ‘Baby, you’re going to be worth a fortune’, which discusses the financial worth of the newborn and discusses how much Prince William will inherit in the future.

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