The Queen’s Automobile Mascots

automobile mascot

A silver sculpture of St George slaying the Dragon is used as an automobile mascot for Queen Elizabeth II’s state limousines.

This sculpture was designed in 1952 by Edward Seago, the same year that Elizabeth became Queen.

Edward Seago was born on 31st March 1910. He was an English artist whose main expertise was painting in both oils and watercolours. His paintings were that popular that those who wished to buy one had to queue at his various annual exhibitions around the world, with the single exception of Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother. She purchased that many from him that Seago began giving her two a year; one for her birthday and one at Christmas.

Seago also created the automobile mascot for any state limousine in which Queen Elizabeth II is travelling; a solid silver St George and the Dragon sculpture. The mascot can be transferred to any car, and when the Queen is not travelling in that vehicle, the sculpture is changed back to the symbol of the manufacturer. In 1956, Prince Philip invited him on a tour of the Antarctic, and some of his best paintings are currently hung at Balmoral. Sadly, Seago died on 19th January 1974.

There are currently five State Cars; three Rolls-Royce and two Bentleys, which are used by the Queen and anyone supporting or representing her as head of state for public engagements and ceremonial occasions. These state cars are painted a deep maroon colour and they have fittings on the roof for a shield and a flagpole. These cars tend to be long-wheelbase limousines with powerful engines.

When the Queen is aboard, a shield of royal arms is mounted on the roof, and the corresponding flag or Royal Standard will be flown. On the radiator cap or bonnet, the Queen’s personal mascot, St George and the Dragon, will also be mounted. A red shield with a crown is displayed if the car is carrying another member of the Royal Family or someone representing the Queen, and some senior members will actually display their own shields.

The Queen has a massive car collection, and she has been spotted with a handful of mascots, including a Britannia mascot on one of her Rolls-Royce vehicles. She also has a special car mascot that has been seen on the hood of her Land Rover; a chrome plated bronze Labrador with a pheasant in its mouth. As well as her love for cars, the second thing that the Queen is known for is her love of dogs, especially Corgis and Labradors.


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