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The 2024 D-Day 80th Anniversary Gold Fractional Infill Sovereign Set


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  • The first sovereign coins ever to feature genuine metal from a World War Two Spitfire laid into the design
  • Each design shows a ‘plan view’ of the aircraft from the ground, inspired by the Spotter Cards used by the public during the War
  • Struck in solid 22 carat gold
  • Comes in a luxury presentation box with space to put your 2024 WWII Aircraft Legends Gold One-Eighth Sovereign
  • Exclusive to Hattons of London


Eighty years ago, Allied forces launched the largest amphibious attack in history. On 6th June 1944, known forever as ‘D-Day’, allied troops stormed the beaches of Normandy to establish a foothold in Western Europe and push back the German forces that had occupied it. This massive operation led to the liberation of Western Europe and, ultimately, to the end of the war

Now, for the 80th anniversary of D-Day, a new series of coins has been produced with a world first design, featuring both Britannia and Liberty together on the same gold sovereigns for the very first time.

Here’s a brief snapshot of the benefits of this range:

  1. Commemorative gold sovereign coins for the 80th anniversary of D-Day, which led to the liberation of Western Europe and the end of World War Two.
  2. This is the first time that Britannia and Liberty appear together on sovereign coins. Symbols of freedom in Britain and around the world, they also represent two of the Allied nations that fought together on D-Day.
Britannia and Liberty, symbols of freedom, appear together for the first time on gold sovereign coins

The incredible courage and commitment shown by Allied troops on D-Day will be forever etched in the history books. As these events slip from living memory, the coins in this 80th anniversary set form a permanent tribute to those who fought for liberty in Europe.

These exceptional coins feature Britannia, trident in hand, and Liberty, clasping an olive branch, advancing eastwards. These are the first gold sovereigns ever to feature both these personifications of freedom together on one coin. In the background is a coastal motif and on the horizon stands a lighthouse, modelled on that found at Ouistreham, at the eastern side of Sword Beach. Daylight rays expand out from the horizon, symbolising a new dawn and the forthcoming liberation of Europe after D-Day.

Eighty years on from one of the pivotal moments in World War Two, these new gold sovereigns with their world-first design are an exceptional tribute to D-Day, and are likely to be keenly sought by collectors and history enthusiasts alike.

Authorised by Tristan Da Cunha  and approved by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office and Buckingham Palace, it is a wonderful tribute – the first time ever that Britannia and Liberty appear together on sovereign coins.

This set comes in a luxury presentation box with space to put your 2024 D-Day 80th Anniversary One Eighth Sovereign.

The sale of every coin will benefit SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity


The Soldiers’, Sailors’, Airmen and Families Association, known as SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity, provides support for our Forces and their families in their time of need.

All coins purchased from the 2024 D-Day 80th Anniversary Gold Sovereign Series will support SSAFA as it continues to provide welfare and well-being assistance to our forces and their families. 10% of all net profits will be paid in support of

Additional information


Quarter sovereign and half sovereign


Quarter sovereign: 14.0mm. Half sovereign: 19.3mm


Quarter sovereign: 2g. Half sovereign: 4g

Metal type

Gold 22 carat


Highest possible Proof Quality


The figures of Britannia and Liberty, advancing to the east, the first time they have appeared together on a sovereign coin


Portrait of King Charles III by artist Jody Clark, designer of the fifth (and final) coinage portrait of Queen Elizabeth II

Issuing Authority

Tristan Da Cunha

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