Rare And Exclusive Graded Coins

At Hattons of London, we offer a selection of NGC graded coins, including rare graded coins and graded gold coins. Our collection has been meticulously evaluated by NGC experts to ensure each coin meets the highest standards. Due to NGC’s stringent quality control process, we can ensure to provide our customers with the best possible experience. Explore our exclusive PF70 coins and discover the benefits of NGC coin grading today. With NGC coin grading, you can be confident in the long-term preservation and value of your collection.


NGC Graded Coins

Since 1987, Numismatic Guaranty Company (NGC) has been the world’s largest and most trusted third-party grading service, specialising in coins, tokens, and medals. As past of the Certified Collectibles Group, NGC aim to support and empower collectors with services that create value. Additionally, the NGC Guarantee provides peace of mind by assuring that even in the rare event of an error, your NGC-certified coin is protected.

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How The NGC Grading Process Creates Value for Collectors

NGC employs a detailed grading process to determine the authenticity, grade, and condition of a coin. Each coin is assessed by a minimum of two professional numismatists, using state of the art equipment. To maintain impartiality, NGC coin graders are restricted from the commercial buying and selling of coins. Understanding the grading scale from Poor to Perfect Uncirculated is crucial for both buyers and sellers, as it helps to better understand the value of the coin.

The NGC grading process significantly enhances the value of collectible coins for several key reasons. By ensuring the authenticity, condition, and quality of each coin, NGC provides collectors with unmatched confidence and trust in their acquisitions. Here’s a detailed look at how NGC graded coins create value for collectors:

NGC Coin Grading Process Step-by-Step:

  1. Initial Examination: Coins are first inspected for authenticity. This step includes checking for counterfeits and, additionally, verifying the coin’s origin.
  2. Detailed Assessment: Experts assess the coin’s condition, looking for wear, marks, and overall quality. This involves multiple magnifications and lighting conditions to ensure every detail is examined.
  3. Grading Assignment: Based on the detailed assessment, the coin is assigned a grade on the NGC scale. This step uses the numerical system to indicate the coin’s condition accurately.
  4. Certification and Encapsulation: The graded coin is encapsulated in a tamper-evident holder to preserve its condition. The encapsulation includes a certification label with the coin’s grade and other relevant information.
  5. Quality Control: A final review ensures consistency and accuracy in grading. This step guarantees that the coin meets NGC’s high standards before it is returned to the owner.

Introducing our PF 70 Graded Coronation Coin

The 2023 Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III Gold Proof Sovereign – NGC PF70

The last remaining official proof coronation sovereigns: The 2023 Coronation of King Charles III Gold Proof Sovereign in perfect, PF 70 condition – Graded by NGC!

In celebration of the coronation, a once in a lifetime event, the Royal Mint unveiled a stunning gold sovereign (which quickly sold out). Fortunately, at Hattons of London, we managed to secure a limited batch and had them graded to the pinnacle of proof quality!

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The Most Advanced Protective Holder for Coins

Used by the Smithsonian Institution as well as various other museums for preservation of their treasured rarities, the NGC slab case benefits coin collectors in several ways:

  • Protection: Ensures coins are safe from damage and environmental factors.
  • Authentication: NGC’s trusted grading confirms the coin’s authenticity and quality.
  • Preservation: Seals coins away from air and moisture, maintaining their condition.
  • Display: Designed for easy viewing and showcasing without removing coins.
  • Guarantee: NGC backs its authentication, adding collector confidence.

NGC encapsulates graded coins in tamper-proof holders with a unique certification number and grade, which adds an additional layer of security and confidence for buyers and collectors making it a popular choice for preserving and showcasing valuable coins.

The Benefits of NGC Graded Coins

NGC Coin Grading Authenticity Assurance

NGC’s rigorous grading process begins with a thorough verification of the coin’s authenticity. Expert numismatists meticulously inspect each coin using advanced tools. This careful examination ensures that every coin graded by NGC is genuine, providing collectors with peace of mind. Knowing that each coin is authentic is crucial for building a trustworthy and valuable collection.

NGC Coin Grading Chart: Precise and Consistent Grading

The NGC grading scale is a standardised system that provides a clear and consistent measure of a coin’s condition, from Poor to Perfect Uncirculated. This precise grading helps collectors understand the exact state of their coins, making it easier to assess and compare the quality of different pieces. The consistency of NGC’s grading system ensures that collectors can rely on the grades assigned to their coins.


Banner image showcasing three types of NGC grading: MS (Mint State) represented by a shining, uncirculated coin; PF (Proof) illustrated by a coin with a mirror-like finish and sharp details; and SP (Specimen) depicted by a coin with a special finish intended for collectors.

NGC Coin Grading UK: Long-Term Preservation

NGC graded coins are encapsulated in tamper-evident holders, which offer superior protection against environmental factors such as air and moisture. This encapsulation preserves the coin’s condition over time, preventing tarnish and physical damage. As a result, collectors can be confident that their coins will maintain their quality and appearance for years to come.

Rare Graded Coins: Enhanced Marketability

Coins graded by NGC are widely recognised and respected in the numismatic community. This recognition enhances the marketability of NGC graded coins, making them more attractive to potential buyers. Collectors looking to sell or trade their coins will find that NGC graded coins often command higher prices and greater interest due to the trusted reputation of NGC’s grading standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is NGC Grading of Coins?

NGC grading is the process of evaluating and certifying the authenticity and condition of a coin. Conducted by the Numismatic Guaranty Company (NGC), this grading process uses a detailed numerical scale to determine a coin’s quality. Each coin is assessed by expert numismatists using advanced tools to ensure precision and accuracy. The graded coin is then encapsulated in a secure holder, which includes a label indicating its grade and other relevant information.

Are NGC Graded Coins Worth More?

Yes, NGC graded coins are often worth more than ungraded coins. The NGC certification provides assurance of a coin’s authenticity and condition, increasing its market value. Collectors and investors trust NGC’s rigorous grading standards, which can lead to higher demand and premium prices for NGC certified coins.

Why Collect NGC Graded Coins?

Collecting NGC graded coins offers several benefits:

  • Authenticity: NGC’s certification guarantees the coin is genuine.
  • Condition: The detailed grading scale accurately represents the coin’s state.
  • Protection: Coins are encapsulated in tamper-evident holders, preserving their condition.
  • Value: NGC graded coins often hold or increase their value over time.
  • Trust: NGC’s reputation as a leading grading service provides confidence to buyers and sellers.

Which is better, NGC or PCGS?

Both NGC and PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service) are highly respected in the numismatic community. Each has its own strengths:

  • NGC: Known for its comprehensive grading process and strong guarantee.
  • PCGS: Also offers rigorous grading and a solid reputation. The choice between NGC and PCGS often comes down to personal preference and specific collecting goals. Some collectors prefer NGC for its consistent grading and secure holders, while others favor PCGS for its market recognition.

Which is Better, Proof or MS70?

Determining whether proof or MS-70 coins are better depends on collector preference:

  • Proof Coins: These coins, especially those graded PF70, are known for their superior finish and intricate detail, achieved through multiple strikes with specially prepared dies. They are highly sought after for their beauty and craftsmanship.
  • MS-70 Coins: Representing the highest quality of mint state coins, MS-70 coins are in perfect condition with no visible imperfections. They are valued for their pristine state and historical significance. Ultimately, both types are highly desirable, and the better choice depends on whether a collector values the aesthetic appeal and detail of proof coins or the flawless condition of MS-70 coins.