Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Newspaper Dissection

Queen Elizabeth II Funeral newspaper

Alongside our latest sovereign range, we will be sending our clients a copy of the Evening Standard Newspaper, dated the 20th September 2022; the day after the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. Here, we will be dissecting the main content from that very newspaper…

Front Page of the Newspaper

A full scale image of Westminster Abbey sits on the front page of this newspaper. It shows eight Grenadier Guards carrying the Queen’s coffin, draped in the Royal Standard, into the Abbey. Following the coffin are members of the Royal Family, and there are various rows of people stood at both sides watching on. ‘Royals in sad final tribute to Queen’ is the main title that sits towards the bottom of the page.

Page 2 and 3

Following on from the bottom of the front page is an article, written by Robert Jobson and Nicholas Cecil, which discusses the emotional family send-off that took place at Windsor Castle hours after the country came to standstill for the Queen’s public funeral. It’s sub-heading states that the ‘Queen was at peace and had no regrets’ and discusses the timeframe from the Queen’s passing to her funeral, as well as the similarities and differences of when her husband and father passed away.

Queen Elizabeth II Funeral Newspaper

There are multiple images that sit across these two pages, including an image of Prince Harry at Windsor where tens of thousands gathered to see the royal coffin make its way along the Long Walk, the Princess of Wales comforting Prince George, the King saluting in Windsor, Princess Charlotte and an image of the Queen walking near Balmoral. There are also two smaller articles, one discussing William and Kate’s moving tribute to the Queen, and the other discussing ongoing train problems and delays.

Page 4 and 5

‘London’s huge show of respect and affection befitted the Queen’s extraordinary reign’ is the title of the main piece of these two pages, written by Ross Lydall, David Bond, Martin Bentham and Antony France. This piece highlights London’s goodbye to the Queen, and discusses how hundreds of thousands lined the street for her state funeral.

Queen Elizabeth II Funeral Newspaper

Again, there are multiple images across both pages, including a large image of the Queen’s coffin making its way down The Mall towards Buckingham Palace after the service of Westminster Abbey, and mourners draped in Union Jack flags lining the route; many of whom were moved to tears. At the bottom of page 5 is a smaller feature, by Anna Davis, titled ‘Pallbearers who returned from Iraq to carry coffin earn praise’. Alongside an image of Company Sergeant Major Dean Jones and the eight pallbearers who carried the Queen’s coffin, it discusses the praise that the eight soldiers from the Queen’s company, 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards have received, and highlights their strength and honour to our greatest monarch.

Page 6 and 7

These two pages contain numerous pieces discussing general news worldwide. The first one, written by Political Editor Nicholas Cecil, discusses the relationship between UK prime minister Liz Truss and French president Emmanuel Macron. The second, by Deputy Political Editor David Bond, discusses Liz Truss being under fire as she admits that the US trade deal is still years away. Finally, the third piece, again written by Nicholas Cecil, discusses Putin’s naval base in Crimea being weakened by Ukrainian attacks.

Across these two pages are images of the mentioned heads of state, all attending Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral. There are images of President Macron and his wife, President Biden and his wife Jill, Liz Truss, and Olena Zelenska. At the bottom of page 6 there is also a five-day weather forecast for London.

Back Page of the Newspaper

The final page of this newspaper edition features three articles. ‘On a remarkable day, the Queen brought out the best in us’ is the title of the first piece, which identifies that the Queen is now at rest alongside her husband, parents and sister at St George’s Chapel, and talks about how everyone who took part in the days between her passing and funeral, have all now returned home. It also states that we shall continue to miss our Queen, but we will never forget her.

The second, much larger article, by Anne McElvoy, discusses politics and about our new parliament now that the mourning period has ended and we have a new prime minister. It also states that Liz Truss’s high-stakes gamble will either make or break her entire career. The final piece of this newspaper is by Mayor Sadiq Khan, with the title ‘London can be proud of the send-off we gave The Queen’. This piece discusses the pride of Londoners, after having hosted the hundreds of thousands of people who made their journey to the capital to pay their respects, and gives thanks to everyone involved.