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The 2020 Mayflower 400th Anniversary Gold Prestige Sovereign Proof Set

(4 customer reviews)


5.00 out of 5
  • The first sovereigns with selective frosting
  • Celebrates the 400th Anniversary of the voyage of the Mayflower
  • Highest possible proof quality
  • Struck in solid 22 carat gold
  • Exclusive to Hattons of London

985 in stock


To celebrate the 400th Anniversary of the voyage of the Mayflower – the first sovereign series with selective frosting which highlights the main events of the Pilgrims’ progress!

2020 marks the 400th anniversary of the voyage of the Mayflower from England to the New World – one of the most important moments in the history of Europe and the Americas.

In September 1620, 102 passengers and around 30 crew set sail on the Mayflower from Plymouth, England to settle in the New World. Later known as the ‘Pilgrim Fathers’, these voyagers formed the first permanent settlement of Europeans in New England, on the east coast of America.

It took 66 days for the Mayflower to cross the Atlantic. Winter storms battered the ship and those aboard suffered prolonged seasickness in cramped conditions. Rough seas prevented the ship from reaching its intended destination in Virginia and it finally landed at what would become known as Plymouth, on the western side of Cape Cod Bay, Massachusetts. More than half the settlers died during the harsh winter of 1620, but the following year, the Pilgrims’ first harvest in the New World gave rise to the modern American celebration of Thanksgiving.

The settlement founded by those original Pilgrims has led today to the growth and development of the United States of America and around 30 million people can trace their ancestry back to the passengers and crew of the Mayflower. The voyage of the Mayflower, a relatively minor event in its day, has turned into one of the pivotal moments in modern history.

Today, as part of the commemorations of the 400th anniversary of this momentous event, some exceptional gold coins have been minted: each features designs that retell the main events of the Pilgrims’ progress, beautifully highlighted with selective frosting – the first time this has ever been applied to a sovereign coin!

New gold sovereigns celebrate the voyage of the Mayflower

These new sovereign coins feature designs that tell the story of the Mayflower and her epic journey across the Atlantic in 1620.

The quarter sovereign depicts the Pilgrims as they load their supplies onto the Mayflower in preparation for their Atlantic voyage. They were men, women and children from different walks of life, from England and the city of Leiden in Holland, many of whom were Puritan ‘separatists’ seeking religious freedom outside the Church of England.

The Speedwell and the Mayflower are featured on the half sovereign. Both ships intended to make the voyage to America, the smaller Speedwell bringing passengers from Leiden in the Netherlands. They set out together from Southampton in August 1620, but the Speedwell took on water so both ships made for Plymouth Harbour where Speedwell was declared unfit for the long voyage, leaving the Mayflower to make the crossing alone.

The sovereign coin depicts the Mayflower as she sets sail for America on her own. In total, 102 passengers boarded the Mayflower in September 1620, with a crew of around 30 men. With reduced provisions and her passengers close quartered, the Mayflower left the safety of Plymouth Harbour for the open ocean and the prospect of a new life in America.

Each design on these commemorative sovereigns has been rendered with great precision, bringing to life the stages of the Mayflower’s perilous journey to the New World.

First sovereign series with selective frosting to highlight key moments in the Pilgrims’ progress!

Each of the sovereigns released for the 400th anniversary of the voyage of the Mayflower has a selective frosting technique applied to the coin to enhance the design and highlight the main features. This technique has never been used on sovereign coins before, making this coin series the first of its kind!  Authorised by Tristan Da Cunha, and approved by both the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Buckingham  Palace, it is a wonderful celebration.

Benefit from the SELL OUT GUARANTEE

Sell Out Guarantee

The 2020 Mayflower 400th Anniversary Gold Prestige Sovereign Set  is limited to just 999 sets, but this is subject to our new SELL OUT GUARANTEE. What this means is that availability of this coin will end on 31st March 2021. At that time, any coins that are unsold will be melted down and verified to that effect.

At that point, we will issue to owners of this set a new certificate stating the final mintage which may be lower, or possibly considerably lower, than 999. If the mintage remains at 999 then this means the coins sold out entirely to keen customers, and if not you may have secured for yourself a low mintage rarity.

Either way, there will be little or no surplus of this coin on the secondary market and so the coin you own will be a rarity!

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Additional information


Quarter sovereign, half sovereign and sovereign


Portrait of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II

Issuing Authority

Tristan Da Cunha


Highest possible Proof Quality


Quarter Sovereign: 14mm. Half Sovereign: 19.3mm. Sovereign: 22mm


Quarter Sovereign: 2g. Half Sovereign: 4g. Sovereign: 8g

Payment Information

Coin price: $ 1,199

Postage and Packing: Included

Instalments available: 2 or 3

First instalment: $599
(payable today)

Subsequent instalments: $600 (2 instalments)

                                        $300 (3 instalments)

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4 reviews

  1. Jeff Carroll

    Simply stunning! Hatton’s has knocked it out of the park with this set! The United States mint also released commemoratives for this occasion; but pale in comparison to the strike, brilliance, artistic detail, and overall beauty of this Mayflower set! Hatton’s has delivered in every single way on this commemorative set. Thank you Hatton’s of London for your commitment to the highest quality gold coins in the world! These make the mark indeed!

  2. Austin L

    Absolutely exceptional set of coins. This was my fourth purchase from Hattons and I am always floored by their services.

  3. Austin Lesher

    These coins are absolutely stunning. This is my fourth product from Hattons and they always deliver. 👍🏼👍🏼

  4. Harriet Jean

    Love your product 100%

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